Underground Wheels Etc. is a custom roller skate shop. It is a family owned small business that originated in approximately 1997 in the basement of Ford City Shopping Mall. It’s goal was to cater to all customers who wanted to personally design their own unique skate boots so that they can shine while skating.

This skate shop has always wanted to make roller skating a family activity that is geared towards fun, togetherness and fitness. We also sell other skating accessories and items to fuel your fun. In 2017, this amazing store was redesigned and relocated by another family member who had her Doctorate in Nursing named Dr “Mrs” Dee who passed away in 2019. The new owner had a unique vision for a beautiful and spectacular store now located at 5401 S Wentworth inside the Grand Boulevard Plaza and dreamed of continuing the name and motto for Underground Wheels. The new location is in a perfect place to get to from trains, buses and expressways. The business continues to remain managed and operated by family and employees with a pleasant motto when you walk inside is that we are a place "where all your skate dreams can come true." It’s a blessing to see it continue to flourish into the business that it is today. Our professional skate technicians Josh, Ron, Jero and Ben continue to work hard everyday to create custom skate boots and instill excellent customer service. Josh aka Batsmoke offers skate lessons every Monday and Wednesday so customers can perfect their craft. We thank you for shopping with us.