General Questions

Best practices from professional skaters recommend to always check that the toe stopper, bolts, and trucks, are tightened before each skating experience.
After all plates are mounted, you are strongly encouraged to use innersoles from a quality pair of gym shoes inside your boots.
We sell quality socks sizes 8 to 12 for $3.00
Credit card purchases must be a minimum of $12.00
Keep your receipts, as we are not required to look up individual receipts for in-store credits for purchases made at Underground Wheels.
Underground Wheels offers a layaway plan for 21 days.
All repair work may involve a non-taxable service charge.
Starting at $25.00 for each pair of skates. 1. Polish skates 2. Clean wheels. 3. Oil bearings, if necessary. 4. Remove debris from trucks. 5. Rotate wheels, if necessary 6. Assess internal skate parts 7. All parts cost extra.
Yes, prices are subject to change without notice.

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